Why MHO?

MHO integrates all of the critical areas of your healthcare organization on one information system, allowing you to operate cost effectively while assuring quality care to your patients.

From Outpatient, ADT, EMR, ER, OR, HR, accounting, maintenance, business intelligence, epidemiological surveillance and more, MHO has the modules to help you run your healthcare organization - all on one enterprise solution.

Lower your total cost of ownership

With its scalable Internet architecture, MHO can be used by one or more hospitals or providers in a healthcare territory or private healthcare network. You can even deploy it on a Private Cloud.

MHO allows you to provision your patients access to their Personal Health Record via the Internet

Patients can view their medical history via the Personal Health Record (PHR) portal, rich in features and adaptable to the most stringent privacy and security regulations. Patient's can also give consent to other healthcare providers to view their medical history. No more printing medical records for your patients.

Feel the pulse of your healthcare organization; prevent problems and improve results

With MHO's control panel, you have an instant overview of your operations, and hence, the ability to help you identify and take action to contain costs, prevent problems or improve operations, waiting times and outcomes.

MHO is flexible and adaptable to organizational procedures

Your organization is unique and should be supported by technology that adapts to your procedures and methods. MHO is rich with configuration and customization options to satisfy your operational needs.

MHO is robust and continues to evolve

Since 2003, MHO has been used by a diverse range of healthcare organizations, from small hospitals to government healthcare trusts. MHO has evolved into a reliable, feature rich utility, capable of responding to your healthcare organizational needs.

MHO is rich in security features and adapts to the most stringent privacy regulations

Every patient deserves respect of their privacy. MHO comes with security features designed to protect the privacy of patients by limiting access to medical information to only those professionals in your organization that have been given consent by the patient. MHO also takes advantage of the security features of leading database vendors, such as, Microsoft and Oracle.

MHO can grow with your organization

MHO has a scalable architecture so that you can rest assured that it will grow as your healthcare organization's needs grow.

MHO is backed by a dedicated technical support team

In the same way you need to provide service around the clock, MHO's support team is available to respond to your questions 24 by 7.

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