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Most healthcare providers have a common objective: to provide the most effective care in the most patient centric way.

To achieve this objective, healthcare organizations need systems that support the delivery of information to all care points even in the most critical life threatening situations.

During complex diagnosis and treatments, patients are followed by various medical specialists, nurses and administrative staff that typically need to consult with each other during each phase of care. To assure correct and coordinated diagnosis and treatment that minimizes errors, avoids unnecessary tests and procedures, and that ultimately leads to the well being of the patient, the information gathered during the encounter should be shared and available to all that need to know at the right time, with the patients consent.

MHO offers immediate access to patient data in a secure environment to all that need to know including medical specialists, nurses, laboratory, pathology, radiology, administration staff and more, through each stage of diagnosis and treatment. With this efficient flow of information within your organization, MHO allows you to deliver effective healthcare to all users of your facilities.

At the same time, MHO helps you achieve significant savings in operating costs, enables you to identify opportunities to improve the quality of services provided to your patients, and ultimately increase patient satisfaction that can lead to favorable word of mouth appraisals about your healthcare organization.

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