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With healthcare costs being a major component of public spending, governments need to take action and invest in ICT systems with proven capabilities that will help lower costs and improve public health.

MHO has proven capabilities to control healthcare costs while improving patient outcomes

Healthcare territories generally run multiple software systems provided and maintained by multiple ISV’s. These systems tend to store critical information in multiple databases in disparate locations and usually require further software or middleware to ensure they either communicate with one another or produce meaningful reports for business analysis.

With volumes of decentralized data in a complex and rigid configuration, for healthcare authorities this represents obstacles to isolate opportunities to:

Today, MHO is deployed on private networks belonging to healthcare authorities of different geographical administration levels and is used to:

Together with centralized real time data accessible via the Internet and Business Intelligence tools, healthcare authorities are feeling the pulse of their organization and are identifying opportunities to lower costs and improve patient outcomes more rapidly and efficiently than ever before.

This is happening today!

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